Journal Entry (2.1.18)

I don’t ever really share from my journal. It is very personal (obviously). But I have been challenging myself this new year to be more open and vulnerable. I think society has a skewed view of vulnerability. In this day & age, it is seen as a sign of weakness. However, I would argue the opposite is true. I think that being vulnerable takes a tremendous amount of courage. A sign of strength that can be only found within oneself. I am working on strengthening this muscle & I have learned that just like any other muscle in the takes work. You’re not going to wake up in the morning with six-pack’s not something that just happens overnight, you have to put in the work.

So here I am, putting in the work. Sharing a piece of something that is oh so personal..working towards becoming the person who I aspire to be. Yeah, it’s scary..but so is life. Here’s the thing…you never know what could be waiting for you around the corner (hint could be incredible& you won’t ever know unless you step out, in faith. If this reaches at least one person, amazing. If not, that’s amazing too..because I just took one more step on my journey, learning to be vulnerable and share pieces of my heart in hopes to inspire others along the way.

I just got a little distracted and was totally zoned out, focusing on the tree that is swaying back and forth outside the window. It has no leaves, yet it is still beautiful. No means of breath, but it is still so alive. The tree is strong & stands tall. In the summer, passers-by who see her will never know what she had to endure to be here. They will never see the cold, leafless, winter months that she struggled through to be standing here. Basking in the sunlight…full of leaves that seem to shimmer as the wind gently passes through them. She wishes that she could stand in this moment forever. But, she is wise. She knows that it is because of that season, because of the cold, because of the struggle she had to endure that she is able to shine. She is a living testimony that not everything is as it seems. Something that may look dead from the outside is really more alive than ever. And when her season comes, she will flourish. She will thrive. She was patient, she persisted, and she is here to stand the test of time.”

Talk to people, hear their stories. You never know what kind of season they have had to go through, or are currently in. On the other side of that..tell your story & don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. It is a rad & magical thing, really. You never know how much you could inspire others to do the same.

Besos, Alex

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tree outside my window (2.1.18)


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  1. I know this tree which you speak of and you are so right.

  2. laurenhemmingmarsh February 3, 2018 — 9:18 am

    Absolutely wonderful piece of writing really enjoyed it 🌳!

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