-A Blog Dedicated To Life’s Sweet Moments-

Alexandrea Anne McDermott: avid dreamer, born & raised in sunny Dana Point, California.  Loves Jesus, people, the ocean, her dog & a good great cup of coffee.

Hi friends! I’m Alex. I am a New York based artist discovering all of the beautiful things life has to offer. I am an actor, a dancer, a singer, a creator of movement & art. Performing is just one of the many ingredients that makes up my life. Some of the other things include: baking pies, reading, disneyland, pizza, all things happy, sandy feet, sunshine, family, coffee..lots and lots of coffee, yoga, sunflowers, puppies, friends, tea & cupcakes.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Besos, Alex


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  1. Alexandrea,
    Your first name is my middle name. I dont know if that even matters, but I love your blog. You are smart and beautiful, and as a 21 year old living in San Diego I completely relate to what you are saying. The ocean and coffee are my greatest joys in life. And I live every day with the realization that I could die at any moment. Keep up your amazing articles. You will encourage many people theough your writing ❤
    -Lauren Alexandrea Brunell

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