insight from an 8 year old

“maybe…but i make my own choices, so we will see.”

This is what my younger boy Ethan told me on Friday when we talked about getting ice cream next week. He got in trouble in class and was put on “orange” so he wasn’t allowed to have sweets until he is back on “green”. [to be quite honest I still have no idea how this whole color system works, the parentals just left me guidelines on it] While we were walking from the car to the house after Cullen got his ice cream, Ethan started talking talking about how maybe next week he will be on “green” and be able to have ice cream on Friday. However, instead of being positive about it & being determined to stay on green he said to me, “maybe, but i don’t know if i’ll stay on green next week..I make my own choices, so we will see.” At first i started thinking to myself, well thats somewhat negative..why wouldn’t he aspire to stay on “green” and be able to enjoy his Friday treat with his brother? But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this eight year-old is a lot more mature than I give him credit for.

Ethan has a great point, we are responsible for our own actions…we make our own happiness. & that is something that i have forgotten up until now.

So remember that you make your own choices, you are in charge of your own happiness.

With that in mind…stay happy, my friends.

Besos, Alex


a photo of Ethan with pup. 

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