smile, its good for you.

I believe that the most beautiful thing a person can wear is their smile.

Maybe thats because I am a huge fan of smiling. I mean, why wouldn’t you smile? For one, smiling is contagious. & you could brighten someones day with just one little grin. Smiling is also good for your health, it’s been proven that smiling reduces stress & anxiety, lowers blood pressure, strengthens your immune system, improves your mood, & can even increase your lifespan. Smiling is attractive and beautiful. As creepy as this may sound, I love looking at peoples smiles. They are all so unique just like each individual who wears them.

But my favorite benefit of smiling is that it makes you happy. Smiling just feels good. You just can’t be sad while smiling, or at least I can’t. I don’t like being sad, it’s a waste of my energy. Plus, frowning takes a lot of effort..its much easier to smile [try it, i dare you]. So why waste your time frowning? There are so many things in life to smile about…

I smile because I am thankful. I smile because there is just SO much beauty in the world. I smile because I see the ocean every day. I smile because ice cream is a thing. I smile because I am able to dance. I smile because i am so lucky to have the opportunities I have had. I smile because it is finally girl scout cookie season.

smile because it makes me happy. I smile because I love life.

So my friends, why do you smile?

Besos, Alex

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