For Timmy

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.”

Life is a precious, precious thing. Often times we take the fact that we only have one life to live for granted. We think we’re young and invincible and nothing in the world could ever stop us or slow us down, that is until it does. Recently, I have been reminded what a blessing it is to be living on this planet and to cherish every single second that we have here on Earth. To always surround yourself with love, happiness, and light. Give generously, laugh uncontrollably, & hug your loved ones a little bit tighter. 

Ten days ago Timmy Fettig passed away. His passing was sudden, unexpected & came as a shock to all of those who knew & loved him.

There aren’t enough words to describe Timmy. So, I reached out to Timmy’s family & our friends to send me words, memories, anything that they would like to say about Timmy. This is what I was able to put together from all of the emails I received.

“I’ve never met anyone like Timmy Fettig.” “Timmy was one of those people that you don’t have to “know” to know.” “Tim was a big dawg with an even bigger heart.” “He was the sweetest guy, the life of the party, and always put a smile on people’s faces.” “You never had a dull moment with him!” “Timmy had an energy that could light up any room” “He was someone that everyone knew, because his personality and energy were so contagious” “He was the guy who would post videos of himself singing Taylor Swift even though he obviously didn’t know any of the words, just because he knew that it would make people laugh.” “He was someone who could set the mood in any room and he always knew how to have a good time.” “His happy go lucky nature never failed to put a smile on my face and make me laugh.” “Timmy’s smile, personality, and style would bring joy to everyone.” “There was not one bad quality in Timmy.” “Whether it was the mustache growing tips or hawaiian shirt compliments, he was always positive.” “The legend of the bellyflopping, beer drinking, hawaiian shirt wearing, Timmy Fettig spread to almost everyone I knew, even those who didn’t go to Dana.”

“Timmy is not only a legend because he was the life of the party, but because he was and forever will be a friend.” “He was always the guy you wanted on your team because you knew that he would work the hardest.” “Timmy strived to be the best teammate, friend, brother, and son. He genuinely cared so much for his friends and family which made him the incredible person we all loved” “He was the epitome of selflessness, hard work and discipline. Timmy would do whatever was best for the team, and that paralleled in his social life, putting the needs of his friends and family in front of his own.” “He would always be there.” “He would drop everything he was doing to take care of his boys and friends.” “Timmy had my back if push came to shove, regardless of the situation.” “When I was down he was there to pick me up.” “He looked after me as if he was my big brother.” “He was one of my closest friends.” “He was one of the nicest most genuine people I have ever met.” “He would text you when he knew you were having a hard time, and was always there when someone needed support.” “Timmy was a friend that I could always count on to cheer me up.”

“Timmy is the kind of person who was always there, and even though he will not physically be here, we will know he is still here to have our backs.” “We have had so many memories I will never forget” “Words cannot describe how thankful i am for the great memories we made together that I will cherish forever.” “Timmy touched the lives of so many people and it breaks my heart to have to say goodbye, but I know he is looking down on all of his friends and family and hoping for us all to just have a good time in celebration of the short life he lived.” “I’m going to miss Timmy’s heart, carefree attitude, and his incredible fashion sense among the other qualities that left this world prematurely.” “His infectious humor and everlasting smile will forever leave an imprint on our hearts.”

“We love you buddy and will forever miss you.”

In loving memory of Timothy Duane Fettig

 11/29/1995 – 1/4/2015

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  1. Jennifer Fettig June 9, 2015 — 3:20 pm

    I’m Timmy Fettig’s Mom Jennifer I will cherish your words about my son Timmy. I to am a writer but, for the first time I’m at a loss for words. You have to know this is not our first loss of a child. Timmy had a sister Hayle Nicole who died exactly 20 yrs ago from a Heart defect. Timmy’s Heart problem went undetected & with pneumonia he just fell asleep. Honey I have a gift I found just for you after Timmy’s Party. Please contact me Jennifer fettig

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