Ode To A New Year

Well, tomorrow marks the start of my new beginning. Tomorrow i officially begin my life as a modern day “Mary Poppins”. Yes, i am a nanny. And I’m actually pretty excited about it. I’m also pretty excited about a lot of things this new year brings. For starters, i made a blog (obviously) and I don’t know the first thing about blogging. So please, bear with me.

This past year has been a long one, long as in exhausting. The 365 days themselves seemed to fly by almost too quickly. But what a memorable 365 days they were. I have come to realize that a lot can change in 365 days…i graduated high school, i started college, i had my heart broken, i made new friends, i conquered fears, i gained ambition, i stopped caring, i created new goals for myself, i joined a sorority, i had fun, i laughed until i cried, i hated myself, i learned to forgive, i tried to forget, i smiled a lot, i danced in the rain, i got a lot stronger, i learned to live, and so much more. But most of all i discovered myself, as an artist and as a very determined young women.

Besos, Alex


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  1. “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
    ― Pablo Picasso

    As an artist you will dance through the chaos and become a brilliant star,
    a beacon of light. Many will be attracted to you,but only a few will understand the depth of your passion and love.
    ___R.A. Stehney

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