a semester in review.

I thought I would touch on my experience as a first-year [or first-semester] at San Diego State University.

For starters, I was a dance major. Which already makes my educational experience very unique. & at the same time extremely busy. I felt as if I was ALWAYS in class…probably because i was. I was dancing anywhere between 5 and 8 hours a day, depending on the day of the week. I learned so incredibly much, it was an experience unlike anything else! I didn’t really know what to expect coming  from a commercial dance background & transitioning into a contemporary dance program..the first thing i learned was that i didn’t really know what contemporary dance was. However, after the first couple weeks i had a very strong understanding of it. I developed a love for modern dance. Modern technique was by far my favorite class..dance improvisation came in a close second. I am so blessed to have had the opportunities I did, and to be surrounded by so much talent in the dance program at State. That program will forever have a special place in my heart. It opened my eyes and mind to realizing that dance is so much more that i ever even imagined it could be.

I had a life too..i promise.

Before i even found the perfect dorm room bedding, i registered for Greek recruitment better known as rush. I was always somewhat hesitant about the whole sorority thing, but figured i would at least give it a shot and go through with rush. & it was the best decision i ever made. Of course, rush week was the hottest week of the year. I was literally dying walking from house to house in my heels, i thought i was going to melt. That week was somewhat overwhelming. Something like 900 girls went through the recruitment process, and sadly it doesn’t work out for everyone. & many girls didn’t have the best experience. I guess i was lucky, i knew what house i belonged in from the moment i walked through those blue doors. [i’m so cliche] But its true, people always told me that “you’ll just know” and it’s so true! On Monday, September 9th I accepted my bid and made it AXOfficial. I was a Fall’13 of Alpha Chi Omega. & a few short months later, i went through initiation and became a lifetime member of this amazing sisterhood. I know that these girls will be in my life forever. They have helped me in unspeakable ways and are so kind, loving and understanding. I will miss them all more than words could even begin to describe. I am SO thankful that i only live an hour away and can go visit them. & my big sister Amanda. I can’t even begin to put into words how much she means to me. & I am so sad I won’t get to see her every day anymore. Luckily we live like 40 minutes away from each other, at home that is. So I’ll still see her bunches over breaks, but its not the same. She is easily one of my favorite people on the planet, & I love her.  All of my favorite and best memories i have from State have been with my sisters. LITB

I remember the first weekend after move in day..we went to the football game & I was so excited! Growing up i went to virtually every USC home football game since I was 4 months old. My dad went to USC, he went there on a scholarship for diving&swimming. I guess after you win a couple national championship titles, they give you tickets to every game ever for life. Or at least thats how it worked out for my dad. Anyways, before coming to San Diego the only college sports games I had been to were at USC. So i thought every school’s football games were like that..boy was I wrong. I kept wondering where everyone was, because there was hardly anyone there in comparison to a game at the coliseum. I soon figured out that football wasn’t that big at State…& that basketball was our thing.

Dorms; “your own semi-personal hell hole you live in your freshman year of college with your complete opposite.” Urban dictionary couldn’t be more on point about that one. If one thing is for sure, I will not be missing dorm life. But I will miss having my best friend two doors down from me. I was blessed with an amazing friend and sister. Ironically enough, we met at a party one of my high school friends who was also going to State threw the week before school started. I remember thinking to myself, “she’s so nice, but ill probably never see her again..” SDSU is a GIANT school. There are so many people!! So move in day comes around, I get my room assignment [Tenochca 423] and my high school friend who had the party is my next-door neighbor..what are the odds! & on the other side of his room is Marissa, the girl i met at his party, my best friend..my soulmate. My roommate and I were not the best of friends, we couldn’t be more different in literally every way possible..but thats okay because i had Marissa. I am so so soo lucky to have her in my life. I have absolutely no idea what i would have done this past semester without her. Its safe to that we were together probably 98.9% of the time I spent outside of class. I might be having separation issues..that might be a thing.

Besos, Alex

-photos from some of my favorite moments-

IMG_6981 IMG_7001 IMG_8800 IMG_7049 IMG_7066 IMG_7070 IMG_7082 IMG_7078 IMG_7112 IMG_7119 IMG_7131 IMG_7158 IMG_7171 IMG_7244 IMG_7270 IMG_7295 IMG_7292 1234730_10201991628901624_612352409_n IMG_7298 IMG_7331 IMG_7338 IMG_7350 IMG_7372 IMG_7375 IMG_7403 IMG_7432 IMG_7444 IMG_7448 IMG_7458 IMG_7469 IMG_7549 IMG_7554 IMG_7553 IMG_7547 IMG_7564 IMG_7565 IMG_7572 IMG_7573 IMG_7584 IMG_7585 IMG_7655 IMG_7671 IMG_7702 IMG_7918 IMG_7902 IMG_8063 IMG_8032 IMG_8081 IMG_8102 IMG_8117 IMG_8235 IMG_8255 IMG_8247 IMG_8251 IMG_8306 IMG_8314 IMG_8341 IMG_8366 IMG_8368 IMG_8362 IMG_8384 IMG_8391 IMG_8392 IMG_8579 IMG_8589 IMG_8597 IMG_8610 IMG_8612 IMG_8609 IMG_8674 IMG_8805 IMG_9165


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  1. You are at SDSU, you need to take advantage of the great college life and start partying. Get out an meet some people because before u know it College is over

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